The 5 Elements of Great Leadership

As we all know, being a leader goes beyond the conventional role of a boss. True leadership is about inspiring and guiding teams towards success, fostering growth, and embracing continuous development. At the Institute for Executive Development (IED), we understand the nuances of leadership services and provide tailored programs for CEOs seeking to refine their leadership skills. In this blog, we will explore the five essential elements of great leadership, emphasizing the distinction between being a boss and aspiring to be a true leader.

1. Self-Leadership: Understanding Your Style
To lead others effectively, it is crucial to first lead oneself. IED’s Leadership Development programs begin with an assessment of your leadership style, utilizing tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Enneagram Assessment. Appreciating the value of diversity and understanding effective leadership practices are integral components of this facet. Additionally, we delve into the realm of digital presence, helping you identify how you are perceived and adopting emerging best practices.

2. Leading Groups and Teams: Strengthening Collaborative Abilities
Great leaders excel in working with teams. Our programs focus on understanding team dynamics through tools like the Stages of Team Development assessment. We empower you with skills to manage relationships through effective feedback and communication. Managing your boss is a key aspect, enhancing your ability to build understanding and support within your organizational hierarchy.

3. Leading Your Organization: Strategic Vision and Change Management
Strategic leadership is a cornerstone of great leadership. IED’s programs provide insights into strategic leadership, helping you navigate benefits and overcome bottlenecks. We facilitate a deep understanding of change and transformation, enabling you to lead your organization through obstacles to successful change efforts. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are also integral components of this leadership facet.

4. Leading Clients, Customers, and the Community: Building Distinctive Experiences
Understanding the needs of customers and creating distinctive experiences are paramount. IED’s programs guide you in assessing and understanding the four levels of the customer experience. We develop best practices for external communications and help you create effective strategies for change, ensuring accessibility and ease of access to products and services.

5. Executive Coaching: Navigating Growth and Transition
At IED, our Executive Coaching programs, including the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered model, guarantee measurable leadership growth. The process involves gathering 360-feedback, monthly stakeholder check-ins, mid-point progress reviews, and a conclusion of the engagement. This comprehensive coaching approach ensures sustained improvement and results in positive, measurable leadership growth.

As you embark on your leadership journey, remember that being a great leader involves a multifaceted approach. At IED, we offer leadership development programs and executive coaching that focus on these five essential elements, empowering CEOs to transcend the role of a boss and become visionary leaders. Aspire to lead, not just to manage, and unlock the true potential of your leadership journey.