Strategic Planning

The IED Team is committed to engaging with your organization to identify, assess and improve specific components of a customized Strategic Plan to increase overall organization performance and enhance day-to-day operations. Our proprietary 100-day approach to Strategic Planning was developed by IED Founder Rick Culley and is only available through IED. Rick uses IED’s work as part of the curriculum for the courses he teaches at USC and has plans for both future copyrighting and a forthcoming book.

Inclusive, Employee-Driven Process

The IED philosophy is “you have to give people a chance to weigh-in if you want them to buy-in.” As a result, we created an inclusive, employee-driven process to develop a customized Strategic Plan for your organization that won’t just sit on the shelf. Our highly collaborative Strategic Planning approach ensures your plan is owned and supported by the employees who will be responsible for putting it into practice.

Three Phased Approach

Your business doesn’t need another unused Strategic Plan that becomes one of the 70% of failed organizational planning efforts. Our unique 3-phased process ensures your Strategic Plan is developed inclusively, communicated effectively, and evaluated systematically. We approach each of the three phases with a “chewable bite” strategy to help your organization get even better without overloading, overlooking, or overcommitting. The result is a clear, compelling, and user-friendly plan that is built to last.

  1. Formation/Plan Development.
  2. Implementation/Rolling out the Plan.
  3. Evaluation-Monitoring/Measuring Progress.
  1. Engage your organization in the process of developing a Strategic Plan.
  2. Establish a Task Force with a cross section of key employees to help formulate the plan.
  3. Conduct an in-depth internal and external environmental assessment.
  4. Formulate a Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals.
  5. Determine the approach for Strategic Plan communication, rollout, and implementation.
  6. Develop the process for evaluating, monitoring, and measuring progress.
  7. Provide facilitation, coaching, guidance and expertise to senior leaders and Task Force.

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“Get more comfortable being uncomfortable if you’re going  to grow and develop as a leader.”

“Are you driving yourself focusing out the windshield or looking through the rearview mirror?”
“Don’t let the worst behaviors in others bring out the worst behaviors in you.”
“What you need to hear the most, you often want to hear the least.”
“Those leaders who constantly play “keep up and catch-up” seldom, if ever, get caught up.”
“If you don’t have clear goals, you tend to spend most of your time focused on problems and obstacles.”