Executive Coaching

At IED we offer two distinct approaches to Executive Coaching programs: The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered model for leadership and Executive Coaching and our own Navigating Change & Transition Coaching. Each client-centered approach is results oriented and guaranteed to yield positive, measurable leadership growth.

The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Model for Leadership and Executive Coaching

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is an inclusive process that guarantees measurable leadership growth in the eyes of those around you. During the year-long engagement, you will work with our coaches to make sustainable improvements and become a better, more effective leader.

Gathering 360-feedback to Identify and Share a Development Goal

  • IED Coaches conduct straightforward 360-feedback interviews to clarify your strengths and areas for improvement
  • We will debrief the anonymous responses together and identify a Development Goal to focus on throughout the year
  • You will select Stakeholders and share your Development Goal with them before asking for their input on strategies to achieve your Goal

Monthly Stakeholder Check-ins and Coaching Sessions

  • Each month, you will meet with Stakeholders to gather their anecdotal feedback on progress and ask for additional suggestions to sustain improvement
  • You will also meet with IED coaches to debrief, strategize, and identify new opportunities to implement your Development Goal

Mid-Point Progress Review

  • Stakeholders will complete an anonymous online mini survey to provide quantitative ratings of your progress and qualitative descriptions of what you have done well and areas for continued improvement
  • You will review responses with your IED coach to celebrate successes and strategize on how to make even more improvements

Conclusion of the Engagement

  • Stakeholders will complete a final mini survey rating your progress on your Development Goal and overall leadership effectiveness
  • We’ll meet to review the responses, recognize your achievements, and clarify a plan to communicate the results to Stakeholders and thank them for their involvement

Contact IED to learn more about our Stakeholder-Centered Coaching programs and our entire suite of professional services.

Navigating Change & Transition Coaching

We also partner one-on-one with C-Suite executives who are navigating change in their careers. Our approach is tailored to the unique needs of each client, beginning with a kickoff meeting to clarify expectations and establish goals. Our dynamic coaching process incorporates scheduled check-ins to provide ongoing support and guidance. Leadership can often be isolating. We provide a sounding board and strategic expertise to ensure our clients are positioned for long-term success.

We look forward with you as you take the next steps in your career

  • CEO’s adjusting to new corporate roles and responsibilities
  • Senior level leaders who are seeking new career challenges
  • Retiring executives moving away from corporate life into new projects
  • Experienced executives looking to start a business or company

We look forward to working with you as you take the next steps in your career.